Jap spacecraft

The Japanese spacecraft performs a kamikaze attack on the Spitfire

A group of three Japanese spacecraft take part in the Earth response to the Fourth Reich's invasion.

These spacecraft were used by Japan to attack the invading Nazi forces. The three spacecraft's main weapons are known as "Lazers", which is a concentrated beam of heat that slices though metal plating. The ill-fated Katsuragi was seen firing the weapon alongside the Mir while attacking the Nazi Base

The most prominent of the Japanese spacecraft, the Banzai, is pictured to the right, and is visible in three scenes. This spacecraft later perfomed a kamikaze attack on the British Spitfire spacecraft after the Helium 3 stockpiles were discovered. This particular spacecraft had the Japanese flag painted on both sides of the hull, and had a mission logo consisting of a tortoise and a rabbit. the Kamikaze attack did not seem to damage the Japanese spacecraft a lot due to its forward Hull being Reinforced.

Behind the ScenesEdit

While unnamed in the film, the spacecraft are known as Banzai in the video game but in the filming script the three Japanese ships are named Banzai, Katsuragi and Fuyuzuki. The Katsuragi was destroyed as it collided on the Gotterdammerung muss fliegen.

Descriptions of the spacecraft's background typically use the term "Empire of Japan" when describing its origin. That name for Japan was only used until the end of the Second World War, when it was replaced by the "State of Japan" name that is used in modern descriptions.