Nazi flag

The Fourth Reich's flag

The Fourth Reich was a totalitarian state on the Moon ruled by the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP). The Fourth Reich was formed in 1945 after the defeat of the Third Reich in World War II.

Utilizing experimental Nazi space technology, what remained of the Third Reich evacuated to the Moon, unnoticed by the victorious Allied Powers. Eventually, Wolfgang Kortzfleisch assumed control over the fledgling Reich, although its members continued to "Heil Hitler" in his presence. They constructed a large swastika-shaped base on the Moon, as well as various outlying research stations and military depots. A rigorous programme to preserve the purity of the Aryan race and the diversity of the limited gene pool was implemented, to apparent modest success.

As part of the Reich's planned return to power, an entire arsenal of space-faring craft were constructed, like the Walkyr fighters, the Siegfried carriers, and the massive Gotterdammerung, the Reich's main weapon.

Klaus Adler eventually killed Kortzfleisch and took over control of the Reich, but was killed by Renate on the bridge of the Gotterdammerung.

The Fourth Reich's main base on the Moon was eventually critically damaged by the international space fleet, but a few survivors remained, among them Renate Richter and James Washington.

In the Fourth Reich's timeline, there were two Fuhrers: Wolfgang Kortzfleisch (deceased) and Klaus Adler (deceased).