Liberty 1

The Liberty Lunar Lander on the Moon

The Liberty was a United States spacecraft sent to the Moon in 2018. Its arrival on the Moon marked the first time Americans had returned there since 1972. Much like the Apollo missions that preceded it, Liberty was a modular spacecraft, with a command module that remained in orbit while a lunar lander traveled down on the surface. The ship had a crew of two, James Washington and Sanders.

The mission was conceived by campaign manager Vivian Wagner as a way to boost support in the upcoming reelection of the President of the United States with the tagline "Black To The Moon". While publically a publicity stunt using African American male model Washington, complete with banners to deploy upon their landing, Sanders was covertly assigned to scout for traces of Helium-3 on Moon.

Shortly after landing on the Moon, Liberty and its two crewmembers were discovered by the Fourth Reich. Unbeknownst to the crew, they had landed near the German Helium 3 mine and were quickly confronted by armed soldiers. Sanders was killed and Washington taken prisoner, with Liberty itself destroyed by a single shot from a panzerfaust.

Back on Earth, with no knowledge of the Nazi presence on the Moon, Wagner and the President discussed how to deal with the fallout from the mission's failure. While the President was originally going to take all of the credit for the idea, now that disaster had occurred, she was ready to place the blame solely on her campaign manager. The Secretary of Defense would later speak to delegates at the United World Confederacy in New York City about the Liberty mission, attempting to dispel fears that the mission had a military purpose while hiding their attempts at locating Helium 3.

Behind The ScenesEdit

The design of the Liberty closely resembles the Orion and Altair spacecraft created as a part of NASA's Constellation Program which was canceled in 2010-2011.