Weapon Name:MG-42

Type Weapon:Machine Gun

Country of Origin:Germany

Caliber:7.92x57mm Mauser

Mag Capacity:50-250 Round Belt

Introduced In:1942

Service Length:1942-1968

Users:Third Reich,Fourth Reich


The MG-42 (MachinenGewehr 1942 or Machine Gun 1942) was a machine gun that saw action after the Nazis were seeking a new machine gun against their enemies. This was due to the fact that their main machine gun the MG-34 was becoming too expensive to produce and so they needed a new weapon to take it's place. The MG-42 was not only cheaper to make, it was excellent in combat on the front lines. It was the machine gun used by the Nazis on D-Day against the Americans arriving on the beaches in Normandy. The only flaw to this weapon was when reloading, the barrel got too hot to use after being fired and so the Nazis not only reloade the weapon but also had extra barrels to replace the one used and waited until that one cooled. It was used by many countries and has gone through many variants over the years. It's still used by the military today, however it goes by a different name, the MG3. The MG-42 and MG-34 were also the derivatives for the Luftwaffe's belt fed MG-81.

Note:The MG-42 also went by another name, "Hitler's Buzzsaw"

Iron SkyEdit

Theoretically in the film Iron Sky, the MG-42 is in the arsenal of the Fourth Reich and Schutzstaffel within the Schwarze Sonne on the dark side of the Moon.