Weapon Name:MKb-42

Type Weapon:Assault Rifle

Country of Origin:Germany

Caliber:7.92x33mm Kurz

Mag Capacity:10-30 Round Magazine

Introduced In:1942

Service Length:1942-1943


Prototypes for a Carbine to the STG-44 were made by both Walther and Haenel. The only working prototype was the MKb-42 (Maschinenkarabiner 1942 or Machine Carbine 1942). This weapon was chambered in the 7.92x33mm Kurz and looked similar to it's big brother (The STG-44), however this one also allows for the use of a bayonet on the front. 11,833 of these rifles were manufactured for trial purposes and even though the trials were successful, the Third Reich deemed it uneccesary for the war effort and they scrapped the project.

Iron SkyEdit

Theoretically in the film Iron Sky, even though these weapons weren't used in World War 2, they maybe in the arsenal of the Schutzstaffel at the Schwarze Sonne base on the dark side of the Moon. It was also quite possible to see that while James Washington was escaping through the ventilation shaft of the Nazi fortress, the soldiers seen searching for him were carrying STG-44s and the MKb-42 as their primary source of weapon.