Weapon Name:MP40

Type Weapon:Submachine Gun

Country of Origin:Nazi Germany

Caliber:9x19mm Parabellum

Mag Capacity:32 Round Magazine,64 Dual Magazine System

Introduced In:1939

Service Length:1939-Present


The MP40 was manufactured by Erma Werke and the magazine was made by Hugo Schmeisser. The weapon was issued to squad leaders, platoons and paratroopers, however at the Battle of Starlingrad, the Red Army engaged the Nazis with their PPSH-41 and so they started issuing it to more troops for urban combat. By the end of the war, the MP40 was still being issued to soldiers on a limited basis.

Iron SkyEdit

The MP40 is seen throughout the entire film Iron Sky, however they have been modified with unknown attachments. It is used by the Schutzstaffel and was the weapon that Vivian Wagner used to kill Wolfgang Kortzfleisch and other Nazi officers at their base on Earth.