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Mir Iron Sky

Mir as it appeared in the movie

Mir is a Russian Light Crusier (slightly bigger then the G.W.Bush) disguised as a space station used by the Russian Federation as a weaponised spacecraft against the invading Nazi forces.

Mir had a controllable energy particle weapon as it's main weapon, and was seen firing at full capacity emitting a light blue beam at a Siegfried-Class Warship while at Earth's Orbit and over the Nazi moon base the Mir fires the beam again at lower strength emitting a light purple beam while fighting alongside the Katsuragi

Mir was later attacked by the USS George W. Bush after the Helium-3 stockpiles were discovered.

The fate of the Mir is uncertain whether or not it survive the Battle over the Moon

And the specifications of the ship taken from the film script. its not known if the film script contains the specs for other ships

Name: Mir

Construction date: Classified

Weapons: Prototype Energy Emitter

Propulsion: classified

Behind the scenesEdit

The real-life Mir was de-orbited and destroyed in 2001. This is referenced in the movie, with the President of America being surprised by Mir joining the battle. Mir in the film was visually quite different to its real-life counterpart, and may have either been modified or entirely rebuilt and redesigned.

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