The USS George W. Bush was the weaponized spaceship of the United States of America. It was named after the 43rd President of the United States. The design seems to incorporate artificial gravity on her bridge.

It has two rail guns as its main weapon, which was used to destroy several Walkyrs and damage some Siegfried-Class Warships.

Its secondary weapon is missiles, which were fired from its sides and used to destroy several Siegfrieds.

The USS George W. Bush also has 16 defensive turrets placed on the 'wings', each wing has 8 turrets attached to it. It was seen firing at Walkyrs and destroying missiles that were fired towards the USS George W. Bush by the Walkyrs and Siegfried warships.

It carries a huge amount of nuclear warheads that were used to destroy the Nazi headquarters, and later used to damage the Götterdämmerung after it was activated, though it seemed the nukes didn't damage Götterdämmerung a lot. After the Nazi battleship blew up a chunk of the Moon, the USS George W. Bush was hit by the rocks ejected from the explosion. Apart from losing its left cannon, the ship sustained little damage.

In the battle after the Helium-3 stockpiles on the Moon were discovered, the USS George W. Bush was seen attacked by missles from the Dundee Bombers and iventually destroyed.


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